Master Buddhists call for global efforts to combat COVID-19 pandemic
Updated 13:19, 01-Jan-2021

The 2020 South China Sea Buddhism Shenzhen Roundtable was held on Wednesday. In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organizers set up the main venue in south China's Shenzhen and moved the conference online for the first time.

Master Buddhists from China, the UK, Myanmar, the Philippines, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia gathered online and called for continued joint efforts to fight against the epidemic and preserve people's health.

"The pandemic is a global disaster; no one and no country can face this situation alone," said Yin Shun, deputy head of the China Buddhist Association. He called for closer cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 among countries and regions in the South China Sea region and Buddhist circles worldwide.

The organizers said the roundtable would continue to consolidate and carry forward the traditional Buddhist teachings of benevolence, kindness and cooperativeness, and contribute wisdom and power of Buddhism to improve people's livelihood, ecological environment and the society as a whole.

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