Discover the nature during Xiaohan

Today marks the Chinese solar term Xiaohan, or Minor Cold. This is the 23rd solar term in the Chinese lunar calendar. The coming of Xiaohan marks a temperature decline in most of the areas in the Northern Hemisphere, bringing the coldest period in a year.

Most people believe the frigid weather may kill many flora and fauna. Therefore the nature is somewhat pale during this solar term. Actually, according to the three pentads that ancient Chinese recorded, some birds, including the wild goose, magpie, and pheasant, will become active even the weather is cold. Hence, it is possible for you to see them behave more actively than before.

As for the plants, not all of them wither during the harsh winter, and some of them even produce beautiful flowers to add colors in Xiaohan. The wintersweet, camellia, and plum blossoms are all good cold-bearers, and their beautiful blossoms will let you forget the coldness.

(All images via CFP)

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