More communities closed in NE China's Shenyang to curb COVID outbreak
Sun Tianyuan, Wang Yao

Authorities in Shenyang City, the capital of northeastern China's Liaoning Province have had to implement travel restrictions in 16 medium-risk areas, home to more than 100,000 residents, to curb the city's latest coronavirus resurgence.

For residents in the quarantine zones, daily life has been disrupted by the sudden outbreak in the city. They are not allowed to leave the specified areas for work or other reasons, however, most of them showed support for the municipal government's decision amid the citywide emergency by doing their part to stay put.

City officials have thanked residents for their cooperation and understanding amid the outbreak, saying together they can eventually bring the situation under control.

China's pandemic lockdown measures were first applied in Wuhan last year and lasted for 76 days. The restrictions in movement have proven highly effective in reducing new infections at the community level to ease the pressure on hospitals.

However, the downside is residents might be trapped in their buildings for an unknown period of time, until the situation is managed.

CGTN wasn't allowed in the areas either, but it managed to talk to one resident, right before she walked into the gate to join her family in quarantine.

Residents wear masks, waiting for deliveries next to a community under lockdown amid Shenyang's coronavirus resurgence. /CGTN

Residents wear masks, waiting for deliveries next to a community under lockdown amid Shenyang's coronavirus resurgence. /CGTN

"I don't know when the gates will be open again or whether or not I bought enough food," said the resident who did not give her name, adding, "I just hope we can go out as soon as the lockdown ends." The woman managed a bitter smile, and walked away, carrying several plastic bags full of vegetables and other groceries.

Although some supermarkets in the area are still open for business, most shops and restaurants have closed due to the outbreak. Many residents have chosen to order food and daily necessities online for delivery, doubling workload for couriers in the region.

"They mainly order food, daily necessities, also disposable items including medical things, such as masks and other protective supplies," said a courier, who has been helping dozens of customers with their packages since the resurgence.

Schools and other facilities such as gyms, theaters and bars, usually with higher crowd density, have also been closed in fear that these locations may cause possible new infections.

So far, Shenyang authorities have not specified when the ban and travel restrictions within the medium risk areas will be lifted. Residents outside the restricted areas may still leave town with a negative test result 72 hours prior to their travel.

Liaoning Province on Tuesday reported one locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 case and one asymptomatic carrier, the provincial health commission said on Wednesday.

By Tuesday, the province had 77 confirmed cases in hospitals. A total of 28 asymptomatic carriers are under quarantine and receiving treatment, according to the commission. 

(Cover image: A resident who lives in a community under lockdown amid Shenyang's coronavirus resurgence. /CGTN)

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