Kalanchoe: Good choice for houseplant in winter
By Xu Chenlu

Keeping houseplants is a good choice to fill leisure hours in the harsh winter, as the foliage and flowers can add colors and warm your home while the outside remains unattractively cold. If you are planning to be a new houseplant gardener, why not try the Kalanchoe with its small but beautiful flowers?

Also known as flaming Katy, Kalanchoe is native to the relatively cool plateaus of the Tsarantanana Mountains in Madagascar. As a succulent, the plant has green, glossy foliage that stays green all year round. Its flowering period usually falls in December and can last for months. The flower's colors vary from pink, magenta, yellow, and red.

Kalanchoe is a beginner plant because it grows easily. If you hope to extend the flowering period, it's possible with some extra care. Flowering Kalanchoe likes bright, natural light, so make sure it stays next to the window to bathe in some afternoon sunlight. However, too much hot sunlight also burns the plant, therefore do not expose it to the sun around noon. Water is needed when the soil is dry, which might mean that you need to water it every two weeks. As long as you keep these aspects in mind, you can expect some beautiful flowers to bloom for a few months.

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