The world in 2020: Still moving forward despite all the setbacks and uncertainties

For people all around the world, 2020 has not been just another year. Great changes occurred, all under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking back at the end of the year, we see the world breaking loose under the pandemic, locusts, wildfires, and racial and religious violence. We see countries going alone, dropping out of international pacts and turning inward for economic and political solutions. However, we’re still moving forward despite all the setbacks and uncertainties.

Guests in this edition are Zhao Hai, Research Fellow of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Hannah Wanjie Ryder, CEO of Development Reimagined; Daniel Gros, Director of Center for European Policy Studies; and Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Fellow & Director of Research of Foreign Policy Program Brookings Institution. 

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