Village in Xinjiang shakes off poverty via industrial development
Updated 11:37, 02-Mar-2021

Poverty Alleviation Secretary Peng Ji of Keshi Lake Village in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has lived in the village for three years. His strategy is to combine local advantages with a focus on developing four areas. His aim is to boost employment and alleviate poverty via industrial development. He uses his network, knowledge and learning experience to help village open up the market. He trains a group of capable people who can follow on. What villagers have achieved this year is the increase in average income, which now nears 12,000 yuan. Looking back on the past three years, he says he feels happy.

Directors: Zhang Wanbao, Ablikim Abla

Video editor: Zhang Wanbao

Filmed by: Ablikim Abla

Producer: Wen Yaru

Supervisor: Pang Xinhua

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