Gentian: A family of beauties that are not afraid of the cold
By Xu Chenlu

Gentian is a big family of about 400 species of annual or perennial flowering plants; most of them are known for their beautiful blossoms and high tolerance of coldness.

Gentian can be found in temperate and alpine regions worldwide, especially in Europe, Asia and North America. Used the changeable climate, the plant loves the great moisture in summer and can thrive with snow cover in winter.

Blue is the most typical color of the plant, hence the phrase Gentian blue. However, purple, violet, white, mauve and red blossoms are also possible. Different species of Gentian plants have varied flowering periods. For example, the red flower Gentian, found primarily in Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces, has a flowering period that could last from October to February.

Though the trumpet-shaped flower of the Gentian plant is quite attractive, it is not a suitable houseplant. It is usually cultivated for medicinal and dye purposes, and some of them could also be found in the wild.

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