Watch: Does artificial intelligence make life better or more distressing?
Updated 11:57, 03-Feb-2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) has entered our lives, and we can see many AI-related products all around us, for example, self-driving cars, Siri, AI face-changing apps and smart sports bracelets that can monitor our body index. AI applications vary widely, including in medicine, diagnosis, finance and trade, law and so on. Will AI leave you unemployed? What kinds of jobs will be replaced by AI? In this episode of "The Chat Room," we invite guests from China, the United States and Russia to discuss whether AI will make our life better or more distressing. Stay tuned!

"The Chat Room" is an online informal debate show intended to foster dialogue between people of different countries and regions. The subjects can be as diverse as the nations represented, ranging from economic and environmental issues to matters of love and relationships – whatever's hot. We will also take questions from viewers on our social media platforms.

Directors: Tian Chuyin, Hong Yang

Videographers & technicians: CGTN Livestream Team

Producer: Li Xiang

Supervisor: Zhang Shilei

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