How is China's music scene adapting during the pandemic?
Wang Mengjie

Editor's Note: The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a serious toll on almost every industry, forcing many businesses to adapt or close down. From movies to music, the arts are no different. In the second episode of "Artistic Scar" series, CGTN's Wang Mengjie looks at how the virus is forcing musicians to embrace the future. 

Uptight, anxious, violent, depressed, and full of pressure – this how Musician Zhao Lianshuai described last year.

For the young generation in the music industry, the pandemic has hit their bread and butter, but it's served as an inspiration to innovate.

"We have no live performances and audiences amid the pandemic, so the virtual performances and online concerts have become mainstream," music artist Bian Liunian told CGTN, adding that he has to fit in with the trend, which means to learn about both creating music and new technology.

"This is a fresh path for us," Bian reckoned. 

Music streaming on the rise amid COVID-19 pandemic

According to the Global Music Report issued last May, streaming revenue grew by over 20 percent to about $11 billion in 2019, accounting for more than half of the global recorded music revenue for the first time. 

In another report released by Chinese music platform NetEase Cloud Music, online platforms have provided a novel stage for more musicians to shine while independent musicians in the country are gaining ground.  

With manufacturing back on track and the reopening of music education institutes, officials said the musical instrument industry in China is also recovering. 

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