Fifth 2021 Spring Festival Gala rehearsal ensures fluency of upcoming show

With the 2021 Spring Festival Gala just around the corner, the fifth rehearsal took place on Tuesday, ensuring the fluency of the show.

The China Media Group (CMG) production, which will air on February 11, the eve of the Chinese New Year, will feature a mixture of tradition and technology.

The audience will be on a date with a host of performances, from dance routines and medleys of popular songs to comedy skits, acrobatic stunts and much more.

Language programs will reflect on life in the past year, focusing on such issues as anti-epidemic battle, poverty alleviation and parent-child relationship. The 2021 edition of the gala is also expected to have more crosstalk programs, a form of traditional Chinese stand-up comedy, than any other year before.

All preparations are in full swing for the gala. /CMG

All preparations are in full swing for the gala. /CMG

Dancers will also take to the stage to perform a variety of genres, from the traditional to the classical to the contemporary. While ethnic diversity will be on full display with troupes from ethnic minority groups showing their folk dance and singing in all their glory.

Illusion shows will also add an extra dose of magic to a night of rapture and revelry.

This year's Spring Festival Gala will go ahead under stringent epidemic prevention and control measures.

Stay tuned to CGTN for more details about the Spring Festival Gala to welcome the Year of the Ox!  

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