Spring Festival Gala vs. Super Bowl: How much do people know about these two events?
Updated 22:50, 10-Feb-2021

China's CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the American Super Bowl are two of the most watched events in the world. The former is recognized by the Guinness World Records as the world's most watched television program, and the latter event creates a ripple effect in business across America. Both events are more than just a show, they are also cultural events in their respective countries. Moreover, the events bring together families and friends which make memories of joy.

As the Spring Festival approaches, CGTN interviewed people in both countries and see what they know about each other's show.

Video directed by Yu Yingtian and Ariel Ajimura

Cameras: Ariel Ajimura, Zhang Dian, Yu Yingtian

Coordinators: Liu Li, Ding Zhiyang

Voiceover: Wang Zengzheng

Video editor: Yu Yingtian

Cover image designed by Li Jingjie

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