Chinese envoy calls for continued international support for Iraq

Geng Shuang, China's deputy permanent representative to the United Nations (UN), asked the international community to continue its support for Iraq on Tuesday.

Currently, the political process in Iraq is at a critical stage, coupled with complex security challenges and severe economic and humanitarian situations, said Geng.

"The international community should fully respect the wishes of the Iraqi people, and support the Iraqi government in properly tackling various internal and external challenges, safeguarding national security and stability, and achieving economic and social development," he told the Security Council.

The international community should create a favorable environment for Iraq's political process and national reconciliation, he said.

The holding of elections is the most important political agenda of Iraq this year, and an important step in Iraq's transition. China commends Iraq's improvement of relevant legislation and its active advancement of electoral preparations, and hopes that elections will be held smoothly so as to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people.

Recently, Iraq once again wrote to the president of the Security Council on election assistance. Members of the council should, in light of the practice of the UN on election support, consider political, security, legal, and budgetary factors, among others, and carefully study and discuss the demands of Iraq, he said.

Enhancing unity and friendship among parties in Iraq, achieving tolerance and reconciliation, and accelerating integration and development are not only in the fundamental interests of the Iraqi people, but also conducive to regional peace and stability, he said.

"We support the further improvement of the relationship between the federal and the Kurdistan regional governments, which should continue their communication and dialogue on revenue sharing and the budget allocation in a joint search of sustainable solutions," Geng said.

He also asked the international community to help Iraq consolidate counter-terrorism achievements and fight COVID-19, develop its economy and improve people's livelihood. 

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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