Chinese embassy criticizes German media 'conspiracy theories' on COVID-19 origins
Updated 10:12, 21-Feb-2021

The Chinese embassy in Germany on Saturday expressed dissatisfaction with "conspiracy theories" in the local media about a "laboratory accident in Wuhan." 

The "study" cited by Bild, a German tabloid newspaper, is neither a logical nor scientific research report, the embassy said in a statement. 

An international expert team which conducted studies in Wuhan City in January and February ruled out the hypothesis that the virus escaped from a laboratory in its initial findings, the statement continued, but the newspaper "is still eager to spread rumors and even shamelessly puts forward 'five questions China should answer'." 

This is "disgraceful," the embassy added in the statement. 

China believes tracing the origin of the novel coronavirus is a scientific question that should be conducted rigorously via global cooperation, the statement noted, and it will continue to promote cooperation with the international community and make efforts to contribute to the global management of the pandemic.

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