Primrose: Delicate flower that announces the first spring breath
By Xu Chenlu

After a long, cold winter, it is always delightful to see the sprouts and buds emerging from plants as they announce the coming of spring. Primroses are among the most famous envoys of the season and beloved for their delicate nature and tender colors.

Primroses are a big family of flowering plants that originated in southwest China, Myanmar and Assam in India. Their full clusters of dainty blossoms have attracted many admirers, including famous Chinese poet Yang Wanli who wrote a poem about the flower. The primrose was introduced from China to Europe in the late 19th century. Because of its beautiful blossoms, it soon became a popular houseplant with many cultivars all over the world.

The primrose has a long blooming period from February to May that covers the whole of spring. The plant can produce flowers in shades of white, rose, pink and purple, and even double colors if you choose special cultivars. Usually, primroses do well in a mild and humid environment. They do not like too much heat and direct sunlight. Therefore, if you plant it in a pot, beware of these requirements. Grow them in fertile and well-drained soil and water regularly; then all you need to do is wait patiently.

Despite the beautiful flowers, the leaves of primroses may cause irritation. Wearing gloves when handling them is strongly suggested.

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