Endangered finless porpoises spotted more often in Yangtze River

Volunteers from the Nanjing Yangtze Finless Porpoise Conservation Association and local children spotted Yangtze finless porpoises at the Yuzui Wetland Park in Nanjing.

Yangtze finless porpoises, under first-class state protection in China, have been spotted more frequently in the Yangtze River as the environment of the river improves.

China has been working hard to save the endangered finless porpoises in the country, including in-situ conservation, ex-situ conservation and artificial breeding, and the Yangtze River Protection Law, China's first law about a river, which took effect on March 1, has also stipulated protection measures for wild fauna and flora in the river.

According to data from China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, there are around 1,000 Yangtze finless porpoises in the wild.

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