Guinea launches COVID-19 vaccination rollout with Chinese vaccines

The Republic of Guinea began its COVID-19 vaccination rollout on Friday local time in capital Conakry, two days after a batch of China-donated COVID-19 vaccines arrived in the country. 

Minister of Health Remy Lamah and Director General of the National Health Security Agency Sakoba Keita attended the launch ceremony on the same day. 

Lamah said Guinean medical staff, people in key positions, religious practitioners and elderly people over 65 will be among the first in line for vaccination.

Keita pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccines produced in China have made an important contribution to containing the epidemic, and Guinea has full confidence in the efficacy of the Chinese vaccine.

(Cover: Guinea's Minister of Health Remy Lamah speaks during World Health Organization Virtual Press Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, December 11, 2014./ Reuters)

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