China says its vote in the UN belongs to the developing world
Updated 16:25, 07-Mar-2021

China champions equality and justice, and its vote in the United Nations (UN) belongs to the developing world, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi told a press conference on Sunday.

"The UN is not a club for big or rich countries; all countries enjoy sovereign equality and no country is in a position to dictate international affairs," Wang said when answering a question from CGTN anchor Tian Wei.

He also said that China expects the UN to keep pace with the times and improve itself through reform. Wang said the reform should follow the principles of the UN Charter and the basic rule of equal-footed consultations at the UN.

The UN General Assembly restored the lawful seat of the People's Republic of China 50 years ago.

(Cover: The United Nation headquarters in New York, U.S. /CFP)

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