Matthew Cheung: Improving HK electoral system imperative

The Chief Secretary for administration of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, defended the central government's plan to improve the HKSAR's electoral system, saying it is right and imperative for the National People's Congress (NPC) to fulfill the central government's overall governance over the region.

Cheung said "patriots governing Hong Kong" is a fundamental principle that must be followed to fully implement the principle of "One Country, Two Systems."

He also noted that Hong Kong's prosperity and stability would be threatened if anti-China or subversive forces are allowed into the HKSAR political system through election loopholes.

He vowed to fully cooperate with implementing relevant measures to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country and uphold the principle of "One Country, Two Systems."

His comment was echoed by Paul Chan, financial secretary of the HKSAR government, who said the NPC's plan to improve Hong Kong's electoral system can better secure "One Country, Two Systems" by plugging existing loopholes and setting a clear bottom line for the local election mechanism.

It would be "pointless" to talk about Hong Kong's development or its role as an international financial hub if the principle of "One Country, Two Systems" is challenged, Chan said.

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