Lawyer and NPC deputy explains the importance of improving Hong Kong's system

"Our electoral system has been in place and operating for the last 24 years. There's been some gaping hole," Chan Hiu-fung, a lawyer from Hong Kong and also a deputy of the National People's Congress, told CGTN.


Improving Hong Kong's system and ensuring only patriots who will be administrating Hong Kong has been a major topic during this year's Two Sessions. Although some have concerns about this change, Chan believes it's definitely necessary in order to improve the livelihood of the people of Hong Kong.

"There are people using the election platform as means to spread the ideas about breaking up the country to a large audience. That can't be what the election platform was originally meant for," said Chan.

In this interview, Chan, with his expertise in law, gives a legal perspective on why it's important to improve Hong Kong's system and explains why it'll strengthen the "One Country, Two Systems."

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