Chinese Premier: Over 6 percent GDP growth is not a low target
Updated 19:14, 11-Mar-2021

China's over 6 percent GDP growth target for 2021 is not low, said Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday, adding the number was "not set in stone" but intended to "guide expectations."

Li announced the growth target last Friday, which is almost 4 percentage points higher than the 2.3 percent economic growth in 2020.

"We would certainly be happy to see a robust growth," said Li in a press conference, in response to a question that the target seemed low per market expectations, and added "but we are also keenly aware of the many uncertainties involving the economic rebound in China as well as global economic growth and development."  

On other economic policies, Li said that China did not apply quantitative easing policy last year, and there is no need for a "sharp turn" on that this year.

China is aiming for sustained and sound economic development in the long term, said Li, adding the country will maintain policy continuity and sustainability, and strive to stabilize the economy.

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