Graphics: Economic recovery tops Chinese government agenda in 2021
Updated 23:36, 11-Mar-2021

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met the press on Thursday after the conclusion of the fourth session of the 13th National People's Congress.

Li took 11 questions from Chinese and foreign reporters via video link, addressing issues of concern including the economic agenda, people's livelihoods, policies on Taiwan and Hong Kong, China-U.S. relations and international cooperation.

CGTN went through the questions asked at the premier's Two Sessions press briefings from 2017 to 2021 to reveal how the key topics have changed over the five years.

The first question raised was on employment amid the pandemic. Premier Li said employment is the "top priority" when formulating macroeconomic policies. "Employment" was also among the most mentioned words and phrases in his response. It was mentioned 28 times, only behind "Development" (29 times). 

When asked about the growth target of over 6 percent in 2021, Li said 6 percent is not low considering the size of the Chinese economy, and the target is set to guide expectations to consolidate economic recovery foundation and pursue "high-quality development."

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"Walking quickly for a moment does not mean one is walking steadily," Li said. "It is only with a steady pace that we will be firm in our steps."

China is still a developing country, and there is still a long way to go before it can achieve modernization, Li said. The fundamental purpose of China's development is to enable the Chinese people to lead a better life. The Chinese government will spend more on people's livelihoods this year, especially on compulsory education and primary-level medical care, he said.

Vitalizing market entities is on the top list of the Chinese government's reform agenda. The phrase "market entities" was mentioned 20 times.

China will continue to keep its policies well-aligned with the needs of market entities and further streamline government administration to better help market entities survive and thrive, Li said.

As for science and technology innovation, Li said China has achieved major breakthroughs over the years, but basic research is still under-performing. He pledged that China will increase spending on basic research, which is key to enhancing the country's innovation capacity and grants scientists and researchers greater autonomy in how to use research funds.

He added that China is ready to enhance cooperation in science and technology with other countries on the basis of intellectual property rights protection.

Editors: Hu Xuechen, Zhao Hong, Hu Yiwei, Pan Zhaoyi

Graphics designers: Feng Yuan, Chen Yuyang

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