Up and Out of Poverty Ep. 3: Taking responsibility

When COVID-19 struck the country in 2020, China was in the final phase of its war on extreme poverty. With failure not an option, how could the country respond in the face of the unexpected challenge?

On April 21, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Qinling Mountains area of northwest China's Shaanxi Province. In the rain, he inspected local resettlement projects and industries. In a tea garden, he sounded a note of optimism. "I hope you can prosper by growing tea, escape from poverty and live comfortably here," Xi said to the people.

In the war on poverty, China established a strict and highly effective command system. Under the overall guidance of the Communist Party of China, Party secretaries at five levels – provincial, municipal, county, township and village – would take the lead in the fight. This is the responsibility they would take.

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