China relaxes attendance restrictions on entertainment venues

The Chinese government has loosened its restrictions on attendance at entertainment venues in low-risk areas for COVID-19.

Local authorities in low-risk areas now have the autonomy to decide on attendance cap based on local epidemic conditions, said a circular issued by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT). The document added that "one-size-fits-all" measures shouldn't be adopted in all jurisdictions and industries.

The circular noted that COVID-19 prevention should be part of the routine work at those venues, requirements for open management should be implemented, and the orderly recovery of the cultural market should be promoted. If local cases are detected, strict control measures need to be rolled out, and performances should be suspended.

China has been adjusting personnel restrictions in cultural and entertainment venues, according to the situation, aiming to promote the recovery of the sector. China National Radio reported that in the period from May to September last year, the MCT issued notices limiting the number of people in theaters and other performing venues to 30 percent, internet cafes to 50 percent, and entertainment venues to 75 percent.

(With input from Xinhua News Agency)

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