Large flocks of black-necked cranes prepare to migrate northward

Nature reserves in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have taken a series of measures to protect black-necked cranes as they gradually migrate north to breed. 

Linzhou County, situated 65 kilometers from Lhasa City, is known to be a haven for birds during the winter. Over 2,000 black-necked cranes spent their winter in the nature reserve in Linzhou County. As the temperature rises, the black-necked cranes have started to prepare for their trip north.

To better conserve the black-necked cranes and ensure their safety, the nature reserve staff feed the birds wheat to help them store energy. The autonomous region also established two national reserves for the black-necked cranes and set up special monitoring stations to patrol and monitor their changing conditions. 

The black-necked cranes arrive every November to spend the winter at the reserve and depart between March and April.

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