2021 International Bird Loving Day: Love birds, love nature
Updated 17:55, 01-Apr-2021
By CGTN's Gao Yuxin

April 1 is International Bird Loving Day. To popularize knowledge about birds and improve people's understanding of bird protection, many countries in the world have also established festivals and activities according to their climate.


Of the 11,000 or so known bird species around the world, 40 percent are in decline, with an average of one in eight threatened with extinction, including some common species, according to 2018 State of the World's Birds report released by Birdlife International, a global partnership of conservation organizations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity.

Habitat reduction, chemical pollution, deforestation, invasion of alien species, illegal hunting, climate change, etc., all affect the survival of birds around the world.

There are various actions people can take to protect birds and at least give them a chance to survive.

1. Do not purchase birds illegally

Endangered birds attract high prices on the black market due to their rarity. Purchasing these bids as pets provides an incentive for poachers to continue to decimate the already fragile populations.

2. Reduce your carbon footprint 

Climate change, which brings rising sea levels, ocean acidification and severe weather, will indirectly lead to habitat loss and diet loss for birds. Climate change will affect the migration time and routes, community distribution and composition of migratory birds. Climate change also leads to various ecological community structure changes, which will indirectly affect the bird population.

3. Avoid plastic products

Many birds mistake the plastic waste that we leave about for food. It is bad for them, as the materials are indigestible and can cause digestion complications and even death.

4. Protect existing habitats

Protect the existing habitats for endangered species by exempting them from human commercial activities, such as logging and deforestation. 

There are many ways for us to protect these beautiful lives. However, the most effective way is to have a bird-loving consciousness. 

Love birds and love nature.

(Cover designed by CGTN's Jia Jieqiong)

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