'Train bound for spring' facilitates Qingming outing to the Great Wall

A high-speed train going through blooming peach and apricot trees near the Juyong Pass of the Great Wall in Beijing's Changping District became popular among holidaymakers for outings during the Qingming Festival holidays. 

Hailed as "a train bound for spring" by passengers, the Hexie bullet train of Line S2 cut through a sea of wild peach flowers, prompting photographers and tourists to capture the precious scenes of intoxicating springtime on Sunday. 

"It's gorgeous and refreshing here. I'm with my friend today to take photos, and I feel I've got released from the work pressure and I am so happy that I've escaped from my tense work," said a tourist, according to China Central Television (CCTV).

A wooden passage along the east hill of the Juyongguan Village was built last year, creating a more comfortable and safer sightseeing environment for photography fans and tourists.

"The passage built is very people-friendly, and it's integrated into the landscape. Walking up, you can take photos of the big S-shaped bend, or you can take photos of the tunnel entrance here. The florescence is quite long, with the flowers in blossom wave upon wave," said another tourist.

The best sightseeing period to ride "the train bound for spring" this year is between the end of March and early April. 

The Qingming Festival, known as the Tomb-sweeping Day, is a Chinese festival when people pay respects to the dead and worship their ancestors by visiting tombs and making offerings. It is also a time for spring outings and hiking. 

April 4 marks this year's Qingming Festival and many people spent the three-day holidays getting close to nature.

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