DPP cares about dividing the country, not 'human rights'
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Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has shamelessly tried to score political points with its cynical remarks on the convictions of Jimmy Lai and other instigators of the Hong Kong riots.

The truth is that the DPP encouraged the riots both with public statements and covert support, hoping to win support for its own goal of "independence" for the island.

The DPP claims to stand for democracy and human rights, but this populist talk disguises its real intention – furthering its own political agenda by destabilizing Hong Kong.

Although the U.S. has repeatedly recognized that there is only one China, Washington nonetheless supports and nurtures the renegade leadership of the DPP, even inviting a Taiwan official to attend President Joe Biden's inauguration.

In return for support from the U.S., the DPP must pay back its foreign master.

In both Taiwan and Hong Kong, the goal of the U.S. is clear. Washington aims to distract and split up China in order to hamstring China's rejuvenation, a threat to the U.S. role as the world's only superpower.

A favored tool of the U.S. in global power games is color revolutions. Naive young people are manipulated into made-for-TV uprisings. This is done by using covert operations led by embassy and intelligence officials to funnel U.S. money through media outlets, student unions, political opposition parties, labor unions and non-governmental organizations.

The leaders of the DPP, whose ultimate aim is to help their foreign "sugar daddy" and break away from the Chinese mainland, have supported the unrest in Hong Kong from the beginning. After all, the U.S. does not extend favors without expecting something in return.

The DPP has been quite vocal in politicizing the fugitive bill. With its statements and actions regarding Hong Kong, it consistently strives to pit Chinese people against each other and destroy the nation's harmony.

After helping to sow chaos in Hong Kong, the DPP then tries to frighten residents of Taiwan by claiming "today's Hong Kong, tomorrow's Taiwan."

This is a cynical attempt to make electoral gains by frightening people with nightmare claims about the future of a united China.

Of course, it is malevolent foreign forces and their Chinese stooges who are creating chaos and then shamelessly blaming their motherland.

Anti-fugitive bill protesters break into the Legislative Council building during the anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, Hong Kong, China, July 1, 2019. /Reuters

Anti-fugitive bill protesters break into the Legislative Council building during the anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China, Hong Kong, China, July 1, 2019. /Reuters

The DPP's efforts to boost its own fortunes by fomenting misery in another part of the country are bound to backfire.

No foreign intelligence service is strong enough to divide China. Beijing has shown its will and ability to protect its people from the forces of chaos and division. The traitors helping foreign forces try to divide the country are being systemically prosecuted.

Surely, this will be the lesson that Taiwan takes away from the failed foreign intervention in Hong Kong.

Most Taiwan compatriots recognize that the U.S. is nudging Taiwan toward war with token gestures of support. But if Taiwan declares "independence" and the Chinese central government moves to assert its territorial integrity, will the U.S. prove itself to be a true ally? Is the U.S. willing to spill the blood of its sons and daughters over what is ultimately a Chinese domestic matter?

President Biden's comments as a senator suggest the U.S. would not. So does U.S. fatigue at a string of endless, failed wars. If push came to shove, the U.S. would step back from the brink, leaving Taiwan in a state of chaos and instability like it did in Hong Kong.

This is the U.S. endgame. Talk of democracy and human rights is just a disguise.

Chinese compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Straits were happy and prosperous under the status quo that existed before Tsai Ing-wen and her DPP started to move toward "independence."

As long as the one-China principle was respected, the mainland showed no impatience toward the status quo.

However, as the U.S. has become threatened by China's peaceful rise, talk of human rights and democracy has grown louder. This talk is being used as a pretext to isolate China economically and diplomatically.

There is still time for the leadership of the DPP to wake up, understand the U.S. goal in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Taiwan is creating chaos and put the interests of the people of Taiwan ahead of the party's political ambitions.

History will not be kind to traitors who attempted to divide their motherland for short-term, political benefits in service of a hostile foreign force.

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