Live: Headline Buster – Are media dismissing China's climate change efforts?

Earth Day was April 22! So news that China and the U.S. recently issued a joint statement on addressing climate change should be cause for celebration. The statement confirms the two countries' commitment to cooperating with each and with other countries to tackle the climate crisis, and it reaffirms their commitment to the Paris Agreement, which they both signed five years ago. It's a sign of hope, especially given the tensions escalating between the two countries in so many other areas. But does the media see it that way? Some present the facts themselves, but others use the story to focus on the frictions between China and the U.S. or to point fingers at China's shortcomings, neglecting the efforts that have already been made. How do different media present the story, and what is China doing to protect the planet? Don't miss this week's Headline Buster.

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