China says Japan must face questions over water dump plan
Updated 19:50, 23-Apr-2021

Japan must face questions and objections from home and abroad over its government's decision to dump polluted nuclear water into the ocean and stop playing dumb on the issue, a spokesperson for China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

"The disposal of polluted nuclear water is never Japan's domestic affair," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian told a daily press briefing. "If the polluted nuclear water is not a public hazard, why doesn't Japan keep it for itself?" He urged the Japanese government to respect the global marine ecosystem and the health and safety of humankind.

Zhao also reiterated that Japan shouldn't pass responsibility that it should bear to all of mankind.

If the Japanese side insists on putting its own selfish interests above the international public interest and insists on taking a first dangerous step, the spokesperson said, the Japanese people, neighboring countries and the international community will not tolerate it.

He added the Japanese government will pay a price for its irresponsible behavior and leave a stain in history.

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