Vlog: Experiencing natural science mysteries at an exhibition in Beijing

Chances are your knowledge about dinosaurs, fossils and the natural world comes from books and documentaries. But what if you could see an 8-meter-long dinosaur skeleton in person or explore mineral fragments under the microscope?

At the newest exhibition at the IOMA Art Center in Beijing, you can rewind the hands of the clock back to a time when giant but not-always-gentle beasts roamed the land and take a dive into oceans' depths in one afternoon.

"Diversity: Nature History Exhibition on Arts of Nature and Science," which opened on April 23, fuses technology and art to offer an insightful picture of the world that we live in but of which we know so little. 

It features more than 2,000 art pieces including paintings, installations, rare amber samples and shells that give visitors a crash course in natural sciences through the power of art.

The exhibition will run until September 5.

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