Global Young Leaders Dialogue program launches official website

The official website of a new program for global young leaders named Global Young Leaders Dialogue (GYLD), initiated by the Chinese non-government think tank Center for China and Globalization (CCG) and the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies was launched on Tuesday.

The site is available in both English and Chinese and it includes a program introduction, event information, international steering committee members, and international youth representatives. It will also continue to publish a series of exchange activities of international young leaders and other information in the near future.

The program was announced in Beijing on December 15, 2020, and aims to develop a community to drive positive cross-cultural dialogue and communication for global opinion leaders from diverse regions, sectors, disciplines, cultures, and professions, according to the CCG.

The GYLD project provides a solid platform to promote exchanges and dialogue among outstanding global youths, Guo Weimin, vice minister of the State Council Information Office, stressed during the announcement ceremony in 2020. China's development will not only provide a larger stage for Chinese youth, but also for young people from all over the world to deploy their talents, he added.

(Cover from Global Young Leaders Dialogue official website.)

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