See the difference: What does it mean to be young?
Updated 17:10, 04-May-2021

A wrinkle-free face? Under the age of 20? When we talk about youth, what exactly are we saying? Once again, we find ourselves pondering the popular notion of "youth." To find out some answers, we took to the streets and talked to people of different age groups. From young fans at the biggest book market in Beijing to senior models over the age of 50, we not only discussed the topic of "youth" but also gave them the opportunity to ask questions directly to each other.

Director: Ge Shimo, Jiang Yuting

Video editor: Ge Shimo

Scriptwriters: Jiang Yuting, Ge Shimo

Voiceover: Niu Di

Designer: Jia Jieqiong

Chief editor: Li Shouen

Producer: Wang Xuejing, Cheng Meihao

Executive producer: Liu Yuqi

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