Within Reach: Printmaking artworks on display in Beijing
Yang Yan

Beijing's Today Art Museum is showcasing dozens of limited-edition printmaking artworks by seven master artists from different periods.

The "Within Reach – Masters' Editions" exhibition is being organized in cooperation with the British institution HENI. It brings a journey of art spread over a century, conveying the diversity and artistic value embedded in art prints.

Damien Hirst explored subtle relations between art, religion, science, life and death through installations, sculptures and paintings. His "Enter the Infinite – Dream" has been placed at the center of the space. It's a tapestry belonging to a limited edition from Damien Hirst's "Color Space" series.

Art prints are often misinterpreted as simple reproductions with lesser artistic value. However, they have long been important channels for popularizing an artist's unique and innovative style.

"This is a printmaking exhibition. In fact, among the contemporary art fields, printmaking is very rare but a very important form of artistic creation. Limited prints are an important way for the audience to know about the artists," said Jessica Zhang Ran, director of Today Art Museum. "We hope that through this exhibition, masterpieces can be presented closer to the audience."

Printmaking is not only a medium for translating original artwork onto paper but also a space where new images and ideas are born. This is also notable in Gerhard Richter's acclaimed "Tulips."

Based on an original artwork which converts a photograph into a painting, "Tulips" translates the painting back into a photographic print.

In the last section of the exhibition, a short film shows unique perspectives from world-leading artists, curators and academics.

The exhibition runs until May 23.

(Cover: "Enter the Infinite – Dream," a tapestry belonging to a limited edition from Damien Hirst's "Color Space" series. /CGTN)

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