Butterfly World: Rice paper butterfly 

Mainly distributed in Asia, rice paper butterfly is one of the slowest butterflies in its habitat. With a wingspan of 12 to 14 cm, it is also one of the largest butterflies found in China. Since the rice paper butterfly larvae feeds on parsonsia species, both the larvae and butterfly are poisonous. Therefore, rice paper butterflies don't have many natural predators and they can fly slowly without fear. 

Here are some photos of rice paper butterflies taken at Beijing International Flower Port, a flower farm that hosts horticultural exhibitions and flower fairs.

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Butterfly is one of the most beautiful insects, known as "flying flower" and the "beauty of the insect kingdom." Butterflies play a key role in the food chain as both prey and predator. In addition, butterflies are particularly effective at indicating subtle ecosystem changes because their short lifespan allows them to respond quickly to these changes. 

Photos are taken by Ding Qian

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