Village in E China embraces prosperity through rural tourism

The development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism has turned Lujia, once an impoverished village, into a tourism hotspot in east China's Zhejiang Province, bringing job opportunities and better living standards to the locals.

It's common to spot sightseeing trains carrying tourists pass through rice paddies, flower fields, and pastures in the village, linking the 18 family farms of different styles.

The village nestled in the mountains was beset by poverty in the past. In response to the national call of building family farms for development, the village took action to properly deal with piling trash, tackle water pollution and plan the layout of farms.

Through years of efforts, the small village has taken on a new look, with gardens and scenic attractions covering large swathes of the countryside. Having seen the great transformation and new opportunities, many villagers who used to work elsewhere have returned to their hometown.

Today, the annual per capita net income in the village has reached 47,000 yuan ($7,300).

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