Wuhai: a city with desert and lake

As an important part of China's highway network, the Wuhai-Maqin highway is expected to stretch all the way from north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the country's northwestern province of Qinghai. It is not only a thoroughfare but also one of the beautiful drives with various landscapes including desert, plain, grassland and plateau.

Wuhai, the first major city the highway is going to connect in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is famous for coal mining and desert scenery along the Yellow River. The charming Wuhai Lake, a human-made lake formed after the completion of the Yellow River Haibo Bay Water Conservancy Project, has helped the city's tourism develop fast. It also boasts of grapes for wine making thanks to the climate and attracts many wineries. With years of eco-friendly efforts, the industrial city has surprised visitors with its green development.

Join CGTN to go along the Wuhai-Maqin highway and enjoy this visual feast!

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