Asian bleeding heart: Rosy heart-shaped flowers dangling from stems
By Xu Chenlu

In the plant kingdom, some flowers are born with peculiar shapes and become popular among gardeners hoping to add a touch of beauty to their collection. The Asian bleeding heart, an elegant flower with an interesting name, is undoubtedly one of the most famous flowering plants among them. 

The Asian bleeding heart receives its name from the heart-shaped flowers that dangle from its stems. It is native to China, Japan and Siberia. Its heart-shaped flowers can appear in colors like pink, red and white, hanging on the arching stems just like wind chimes. In Chinese, this flower is called a "purse peony" as it resembles a purse carried by ancient Chinese women.

The Asian bleeding heart is not only famous for its elegant flowers, but also the long flowering period. It usually blooms from late spring to early summer, from April to June. The flower lasts four to six weeks and declines in mid-summer. In order to see the beautiful flowers the following year, remember to keep the soil consistently moist with regular watering, and make sure to position the plant in a shaded area. If you plant it in your garden, you can expect to see butterflies as it attracts a variety of butterfly species.

(All images via VCG.)

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