What's behind the uptick in COVID-19 cases in Taiwan?

Taiwan has seen a rapid rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths this month. With less than 1% of its population vaccinated, what are the challenges facing the region?

From revisiting the lab-leak conspiracy to advancing a sweeping tech bill to counter China, how is the US competition with China taking shape? And what kind of strategic shift, if any, does Biden’s defense budget indicate?

May 25th marks one year since the death of George Floyd. At a commemorative event on the 25th, New York City mayor Bill De Blasio kneeled for 9 minutes 29 seconds in honor of George Floyd. How much has racial discrimination in American society has changed since Froyd's death?

For this edition of Dialogue Weekend show, we have Victor Gao Zhikai, chair professor at Soochow University; Wu Zhiwei, professor and director of Center for Public Health Research at Medical School of Nanjing University; Harvey Dzodin, senior fellow of Center for China and Globalization; and Ray Baker, adjunct professor of Towson University.

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