Save nature, save ourselves

June 5 marks the World Environment Day. The theme of this year is "Ecosystem Restoration," which calls on us to heal nature. Now, let's see why it's pressing to restore ecosystem from the perspective of biodiversity.

African baobab

Climate change is causing their decline.

Camellia azalea

It is threatened by illegal collection due to the demand-supply imbalance.


Over-consumption is responsible for the shortage of this species.

Tigers in the wild

They fall prey to hunters.

Polar bears

Global warming is destroying their natural habitat.

Blue whales

Whaling is behind the steep decline in their numbers in the 20th century.

Due to human activities and climate change, many of the world's wildlife species have been lost and quite a few are endangered. It's high time for us to restore ecosystems and curb environmental pollution by growing trees, cracking down on wildlife trade and using natural resources properly. Saving nature is saving ourselves.

Editor: Yuan Xin

Designer: Wang Shiqi

Senior producer: Wei Wei 

Managing director: Mei Yan

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