Be heard: Has the pandemic changed your take on human rights?
World Insight with Tian Wei

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask-wearing, vaccinations - measures against the coronavirus’ spread have suffered pushbacks. Those who protest say these tough rules violate human rights. Though many argue societal well-being tops all human rights.

These divides are not necessarily drawn along nationality lines, but there does seem to be marked differences between Western and Eastern cultures, with the former often seen as individualistic and the latter collective.

Has the pandemic led to more consensus or disagreement on human rights around the world?

This is not only a philosophical pondering, but it also has implications on policy making and global cooperation.

On June 9th, World Insight is hosting Global Arena Debate, with scholars from China, the United States and Europe to argue for the two sides.

But we also want to hear from you! Do you find yourself debating with your friends about this topic? Has the pandemic changed your take on human rights?

Leave your comments and questions on any of our social media platforms. We might even invite you to join the debate in person!

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