Unexplored Land | Episode 3: Queen of the Rainforest

Xishuangbanna in southwest China's Yunnan Province is a lush oasis in a semi-desert zone. Amid the dense vegetation lives a species unique to the continent, the Asian elephant.


About 'Unexplored Land'

The series, a joint production by CMG's English Global Programming Center and Technical Department, comprises of five episodes, each 30 minutes in length. Almost a year in the making, it creates a close-up, real-life experience through the use of innovative 8K UHD and 3D audio technologies.

List of episodes:

Unexplored Land | Episode 1: The 10-Million-Year-Old Migration

Unexplored Land | Episode 2: Denizens of the Highlands

Unexplored Land | Episode 3: Queen of the Rainforest

Unexplored Land | Episode 4: Companions in Growth

Unexplored Land | Episode 5: A Coastal Wonderland

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