Hexigten Banner: An undisclosed place with magnificent scenery

Sitting in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hexigten Banner is an undisclosed place with magnificent scenery. Huanggangliang is the highest peak of the Greater Khingan Range, and the place where the Huangganglian National Forest Park in the northwest of Chifeng City is located.

Arshihaty Granite Forest is a magnificent stone "forest" situated on the transitional zone between the mountain to the grassland. Qingshan granite mortar area is a feature attraction with round pits in the rock, formed by whirlpool-like swirling water during the Quaternary Period. Both the granite forest and mortar area belong to Heshigten Global Geopark, a National Geopark of China as well as a UNESCO World Geopark.

Dalinuoer Lake, known as "the birds' paradise," is one of the most important wetlands for migratory birds. Like a pearl inset into a green carpet, the lake embellishes the Gonggeer Grassland. And the grassland has nourished countless wildlife and a unique nomadic culture.

(Video filmed by Xu Haidong, a photography enthusiast from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.)

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