St John's-wort: Tender yellow flowers with big benefits
By CGTN's Xu Chenlu

When the summer heat strikes the northern hemisphere, some delicate blossoms either die or wither as they cannot tolerate the climate. However, there is a type of flowering plant that can endure heat and drought. That is the St John's-wort, which is a beautiful and useful plant.

St John's-wort is a hybrid species. It can be found across temperate areas of Eurasia. It presents showy, star-shaped yellow flowers with long, yellow-tipped stamens. The flowering period of this plant falls from early to late summer. The flower has been used for many years for herbal treatments to cure a variety of medical problems, like inflammations, burns and wounds. There is also strong scientific evidence to show it is very effective against depression and insomnia.

St John's-wort is a low maintenance plant, therefore very suitable for novice gardeners and those who do not have enough time to take care of houseplants. The plant grows best in well-drained soil with medium moisture and part shade. It is generally pest and disease free, so no need to worry about if it was going to be chewed out by bugs when you are traveling. However, please do be aware that it might be invasive in some areas. Also keep your children and pets from it to avoid accidental ingestion.

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