Official report: CPC membership grows to over 95 million
Updated 16:34, 30-Jun-2021

The Communist Party of China (CPC) had over 95.1 million members and nearly 4.9 million primary-level organizations as of June 5, data from the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee showed on Wednesday.

A breakdown of the Party's membership showed that 27.45 million of the members are female, representing 28.8 percent of the total. There are 7.135 million members from minority ethnic groups, accounting for 7.5 percent of the total, and around 52 percent, roughly 49.51 million, of the membership has obtained a college degree or above.

The data show that 134,000 of the current members devoted themselves to the Party before October 1949, when the People's Republic of China was founded. 

A total of 14.55 million became Party members between 1949 and 1978, before the opening of the third plenary session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, at which China introduced the policy of reform and opening-up.

Of the current membership, 60.94 million joined the Party between 1978 and 2012, when China held its 18th National Congress of the CPC. And 19.51 million of current members joined the Party after 2012.

As of June 5, 2021, the number of applicants for CPC membership had reached 20 million.

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