Flowers can "speak" if you have photographed them for 30 years

If you are a professional photographer and have photographed lotus flowers for 30 years, these beautiful plants become spiritual.

That's what Liang Hong from central China's Henan Province has been through over the last three decades.

As someone who grew up in an area where water is abundant, the aquatic plant left some joyful memories in Liang's childhood. He enjoyed their sight and the smell when the flowers were blooming. The root and seeds satisfied his empty stomach, and the giant leaves provided him shade on scorching summer days.

That's why when he became a photographer, he chose the lotus as his subject. 

After years of traveling all over the country in search of the plant, Liang has found his own style. To him, small details are more attractive than a panorama and a true representation is more important than a technical show-off.

In photographing the plant in different seasons, Liang tries to show how nature changes life and inspires people.

(All photoes taken by Liang Hong)

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