Anti-doping agreements signed for Beijing Winter Games
Updated 22:49, 15-Jul-2021
Zheng Yibing

The Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games signed an anti-doping framework agreement and a service contract with China's top sports authority on Thursday, outlining the framework for a fair, just and professional event.

"The two documents we've signed today are about examinations and testing. The Winter Games have very high standards on anti-doping and the related technologies are widely applied," said Yu Debin, general director of the Committee's Games Service Department.

More advanced technologies will be applied in the 2022 Winter Games. They include dried blood spot screening, an easy and stable method to collect, transport and store samples.

"It will be tested first in the Tokyo Summer Games and officially used in the Beijing Winter Games," said Chen Zhiyu, director of Anti-Doping Agency at General Sports Administration of China.

Some 170 medical workers have been mobilized and trained, and they'll work with about 80 international anti-doping specialists during the Games. And they've accumulated experience in epidemic control and prevention.

"Next, we plan to strengthen monitoring over the whole process of transporting the various testing samples, to make them safe. We will also increase investment in this area," said Yu Debin.

After the ice and snow events were tested in February and April, the official says the Committee is confident about the anti-doping practices in place for the upcoming Games.

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