Shahbaz Khan on the Significance of the UNESCO World Heritage List
World Insight with Tian Wei

China has 55 world heritage sites. The 44th session of the World Heritage Committee of UNESCO will open in China's Fuzhou July 16, when a total of 45 candidates will be reviewed for entry to the UNESCO World Heritage List. What is the significance of the list? CGTN Host Tian Wei asked Shahbaz KHAN from UNESCO's Beijing office

"The outstanding universal value of the site is not only for that particular member state or the state party. All of us have a moral and duty to protect and to care for our future generations. It's our understanding over a period of time, from where did we come, where we are and where we should go into future, and how we can have intercultural dialogue for creating a better future for all. That's why all these places are so important and so interesting and they represent our outstanding universal values," said Khan.

In terms of traveling in China, Khan recently visited Guiyang and was deeply impressed by the ethnic Dong songs there. He says he would love to visit Huangshan with his colleagues, and go back to Changbanshan, which gave him the feeling that our Earth is so unique and must be taken care of.

Khan also pointed out that so there are a lot of young people interested in UNESCO's work, and they help UNESCO find solutions for rural revitalization. Their focus is moving beyond GDP growth, but more with satisfaction for life and more respect for our spiritual and cultural values.

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