Treasure of Nature: Giant park with peculiar-shaped peaks and pillars
Updated 14:31, 24-Jul-2021
By Xu Chenlu

Mount Sanqingshan National Park is one of China's most famous scenic spots with a lot of granite cliffs and pillars that have peculiar shapes resembling human or animal silhouettes. It is located in Shangrao City in east China's Jiangxi Province.

The famous pillar that resembles the shape of an alert snake in Mount Sanqingshan. /VCG

The famous pillar that resembles the shape of an alert snake in Mount Sanqingshan. /VCG

The name of the mountain, Sanqing, means "Three Pure Ones" in Chinese as it has three main summits: Yujing, Yushui and Yuhua, representing Taoism's three most important deities. Due to faults, weathering and erosion, the rocks and peaks in the area are intricately shaped. Apart from the magnificent landform, delicate forest cover, ever-shifting weather patterns as well as high biodiversity are also the features of this area.

Landscape of Mount Sanqingshan. /VCG

Landscape of Mount Sanqingshan. /VCG

In 2008, UNESCO inscribed Mount Sanqingshan as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to UNESCO, Mount Sanqingshan National Park displays a unique array of forested, fantastically shaped granite pillars and peaks concentrated in a relatively small area. The looming, intricate rock formations intermixed with delicate forest cover and ever-shifting weather patterns create a landscape of arresting beauty.

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