Headline Buster highlights: WHO's coronavirus origin tracing

How has the media shaped the narrative about a lab leak causing the COVID-19 pandemic? There are instances galore of insinuating, naming, shaming & blaming. This media data analysis shows how the use of "lab" shot up following a Wall Street Journal report based on a nameless, unverified source. 


Did China refuse to provide raw data on early COVID-19 cases to WHO scientists? An official presser makes it clear the data was provided, only not allowed to be photographed or taken away due to patient privacy concerns.


When WHO changed its position & asked for a 2nd probe, it didn't consult China or provide reasons. "That's the real problem," says Prof. Wu Zhiwei of Nanjing University. "It's a humiliating act. No other sovereign country will accept (it)."


How did the virus originate? Eric Ding of Federation of American Scientists says lots of questions remain outstanding. In Europe, a blood sample as well as wastewater samples from the same area confirmed the presence of the virus. "If we're trying to be objective scientists, we shouldn't just pick & choose a conclusion."


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