Gaming for climate change: Will it lead youths and governments to act?

A blazing wildfire continues to deplete the forest cover, shrinking the habitat and resources of a sugar glider – a tiny flying marsupial. With food availability getting scarce and tree cover thinning, the chances of its survival remain slim.

The marsupial's plight might resemble one of many animals trying to escape wildfires triggered by climate change, consuming vast tracts of forests globally, including in Australia, the U.S. and Turkey. But the fate of this glider, a character in a video game, depends entirely on the players.

While the plot, along with many others, aims at creating awareness among gaming aficionados about the complex issue of the climate crisis, it also tries to motivate youths for climate action. These games are designed to provide real-life situations and practical scientific tools to players to deal with the impact of rising temperatures.

Video editor: Shi Chan

Scriptwriter: Alok Gupta

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